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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BBC NEWS - Crocodile blood antibiotics hope Scientists are catching crocodiles and sampling their blood in the hope of finding powerful new drugs to fight human infections.

《联合晚报》 - 中医师告诉她:鳄鱼肉可治哮喘 鳄鱼肉当家常菜,家中小孩最喜爱!

BBC NEWS - Croc blood battles superbugs Scientists in the United States have isolated a powerful agent in crocodile blood which could help conquer human infections immune to standard antibiotics.

ABC NEWS - Croc meat supersedes shark fins in medicine Queensland crocodile meat is starting to replace shark fin soup as a medicine in Asia.

FB食报 - 鳄鱼肉功效 跟你详细解释鳄鱼各个身体部位的医药疗效

《联合晚报》 - 肉干商各出奇招迎马年 香味食品公司在新年佳节推出了鳄鱼肉干。第一次吃鳄鱼肉干者,如果旁人不说,绝不会想到那是鳄鱼肉。

鳄鱼肉的营养价值_百度知道 鳄鱼肉的营养价值解说。



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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Beneficial Effects Of Crocodile Meat As A Traditional Tonic 鳄鱼肉的特效医疗功用

As the logo depicts, crocodile meat serves as a very nutritious form of tonic, which is 
suitable for people of all ages.It is listed in Shen Nong's classic on Herbal Medicine, 
and in the Compendum of Material Medica by Li ShiZhen. The numerous benefits 
are as below:

  • Improves Metabolism
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Clearing Respiratory Tract
  • Boosting Vitality & Stamina
  • Strengthening Immune System
  • Very Low Cholestrol
    (All White Meat)
  • Delay Ageing
  • Detoxification
  • Relieving Asthma
  • Relieving Arthritis
  • Relieving Cold Cough
  • Relieving Rheumatism
  • 助进新陈代谢
  • 助进血液循环
  • 清除呼吸道管
  • 推进活力与耐力
  • 加强免疫系统
  • 特低胆固醇
  • 防止老化
  • 清除毒素
  • 治疗气喘病
  • 治疗关节炎
  • 治疗寒咳
  • 治疗风湿病

Nutritional value of crocodile meat 
Comparison of nutritional composition among different meats
                              Vitamin A        Vitamin E      Cholesterol      Calcium     Iron      Zinc
Crocodile Meat      532                   1.78                8.54                   46           5          10

Crocodile Kingdom - A brief history

After 3 years of running Crocodile Valley, the bosses decided to close the shop in view of the deteriorating economy.

However, a firm believer in the goodness of crocodile meat, the master chef decided to take over the existing business and continue promoting its goodness to everyone. Henceforth, Crocodile Kingdom is formed.

Now on its own, Crocodile Kingdom is introducing more dishes to amaze its loyal crew of customers, as well as invite everyone to try out its healthy dishes!